Nettlecombe Farm holidays and fishing lakes, Isle of Wight
Nettlecombe Farm holidays and fishing lakes, Isle of Wight

Wednesday 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Breath Alchemy with Bethan Christopher 

Join Bethan to release and clear anything that is blocking you, stopping you or holding you back from stepping into your next way. We will fuse breathwork, sound and guided visualisation to facilitate the release of whatever has been limiting you from embodying the next iteration of your Self. Alongside the themed weekly intention, you’ll also get to observe the impact of these 3 powerful processes on your:

* Vitality and Wellness

* Mindset and Mood

* Vision and Courage

* Focus and Action

* Ability to Let Go and Release

Classes are designed around a flow of breathwork/ pranayama, a grounding sound journey, followed by a themed intention visualisation (placed at the prime relaxation period for those intentions to really lock in to the subconscious).

The sessions are drop in or can be booked in six week chunks. Cost is £11.50 if drop in and £10.50 if booked as chunk.

Booking required.

If you’d like to be there or for more info, please drop me a message or text on 07701 088743.

Contact Bethan Christopher 
Mobile:  07701 088743

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