Nettlecombe Farm holidays and fishing lakes, Isle of Wight
Nettlecombe Farm holidays and fishing lakes, Isle of Wight

A Virtual Tour Just a Click Away...

Our new walk-around videos serve as your tour guide through the different accommodations we offer.

Whether you're considering a romantic retreat in one of our snug cottages or planning a family holiday in our more spacious farmhouse, these videos allow you to step inside each property from the comfort of your home. Experience the layouts, the decor, and the captivating views that make Nettlecombe Farm a unique place to stay.

What You'll See in the Videos

Detailed Interiors: Explore the stylish interiors of each property, showcasing the upgrades and the care we put into every detail.

Scenic Surroundings: Enjoy the panoramic views of the farm and its lush landscapes, a perfect backdrop for relaxation and adventure.

Amenities and Features: Discover the amenities that make Nettlecombe Farm an ideal choice, including our children's play areas, yoga retreats, and fishing ponds.

Plan Your Visit
These walk-around videos are more than just a preview; they're an invitation to experience the warm hospitality of Nettlecombe Farm firsthand. Check out the videos below and get a feel for the place we lovingly maintain to ensure the best experience for our guests.









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